• Debunk bullshit in statistics. (A workshop for Leverhulme PhDs in IET). Statistics is a powerful tool for both researchers and decision makers, yet, there remains many misuse, misinterpretations, and misrepresentations of statistics. This seminar aims at raising awareness of common misconceptions in statistics in social science and beyond (e.g. media, readers).

In this paper, I explored how teachers mix & match different types of learning activities using Network Analysis of 267 individual learning activities.

In this paper, I explore how learning designs of 42 courses were configured longitudinally using visualization & network analysis. Further investigation on student engagement on VLE of over 43,000 students using fixed effect model reveal significant relations between learning design and time spent on VLE.

  • Are we driving blind-folded? A longitudinal study of learning design, engagement, and dropouts. Presented at the 38th Annual CALRG Conference

  • In this work-in-progress, I advocate a shift from ‘static’ to ‘dynamic’ learning design by aligning with data generated from students during their learning process in virtual learning environment. We reveal the inconsistency in how teachers design their course, yet a consistent dropout pattern in the same module over different semesters.